Boston Landmarks Passes Changes to Five Cent Building

By Beth Treffeisen

Other than Old Glory, there is but one other kind of flag that’s allowed to fly in Charlestown, and it doesn’t bear the logo of the Starbuck’s coffee company.

It’s blue and white and has a pine tree on it.

However, if the coffee company had it their way, their black and green flag would be flying outside their newest location at the Five Cent Savings Bank building in Thompson Square.

Not so fast, though, said the Boston Landmarks Commission.

The Boston Landmarks Commission passed new signage for the Starbucks moving into the Charlestown Five Cent Savings Bank building, also known as One Thompson Square, on Tuesday, Feb. 28, but said ‘no’ to allowing a Starbucks flag to hang below the American flag outside on the property’s flagpole.

Commissioner Brad Walker started saying, “Adding the Starbucks flag seems”… “A little cheesy,” said Commissioner Richard Yeager, finishing his thought.

Walker said that they don’t think they can deny the Starbucks flag because it is on private property, but that they would prefer if they just kept the American flag.

“Let’s just say that we’re not enjoying the U.S. of Starbucks and decided to get rid of the flag,” said Walker before the full commission decided on the vote.

The Commission passed the installation of signage of Starbucks on the awnings and window decal along with the installation of patio railings with seasonal planter boxes with new patio furniture.

The Commission asked to get a bench that better goes along with the other patio furniture, saying the proposed design stood out.

Earlier in the evening, the Commission also passed the installation of Cambridge Savings Bank’s signage on the front façade. They also proposed signage on the side of the façade, but the Commission didn’t like the logo that went along with it and did not pass it.

Together, they agreed that the front signage could use the font of their new logo instead of the font that is currently on display with the old signage.

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