Mayor Returns Charlestown’s O’Neill Back to School Committee Position

Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced on Monday the re-appointment of Charlestown’s Michael D. O’Neill to the Boston School Committee for a third, four-year term. O’Neill was first appointed as a member of the School Committee on July 15, 2008 and he was elected Chairman of the School Committee on January 7, 2013.

O’Neill was sworn in on Wednesday, January 4.

“I am honored to re-appoint Michael O’Neill to the Boston School Committee,” Mayor Walsh said. “Michael is a proven leader who understands the importance of moving the school district forward and broadening quality educational opportunity for all students across the city. I look forward to his continued work with the district and the community to improve our schools.”

The seven-member Boston School Committee is responsible for defining the vision, mission and goals of the Boston Public Schools; establishing and monitoring the annual operating budget; hiring, managing and evaluating the Superintendent; and setting and reviewing district policies and practices to support student achievement.

O’Neill is a Boston Public Schools graduate and holds a Masters in Entrepreneurial Studies from Babson College. He is the Executive Vice President of Financial Services at 451 Marketing in Boston where he leads a sector focus on Financial Services. He is Board Chair of the Boston Private Industry Council’s Youth Council and a member of the Boston PIC Workforce Development Committee. O’Neill is a current resident of Charlestown and a lifelong Bostonian.

“I thank the Mayor for this opportunity and I greatly appreciate his commitment to the students of Boston,” O’Neill said. “The Boston School Committee has enjoyed working closely with the Mayor and his team and I look forward to continuing our work together to improve the lives and futures of the 57,000 students in the Boston Public Schools.”

The seven members of the School Committee are Boston residents appointed by the Mayor of Boston to serve four-year staggered terms. Mayor Walsh made this appointment based on a list of candidates recommended by a 13-member Citizens Nominating Panel composed of parents, teachers, principals, and representatives of business and higher education.

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