Monument Laundry Owner Grateful to Firefighters for Response

By Seth Daniel

Everyone appreciates the work of firefighters, but that appreciation isn’t really felt in one’s gut until they’ve experienced a major fire.

That gratitude is certainly felt this week by Monument Laundromat owner George J. Georges, who owns the building where the fire occurred, as well as many other properties in the Town.

This week he had one simple message: Thank you.

“I want to give my gratitude to the first responders,” he said. “They did a fantastic job – the Fire Department, the Police Department, the Red Cross and EMTs were all just fantastic. After the fire, I just want to tell them ‘thank you.’”

Georges said he saw crews just expend a total effort as Charlestown firefighters responded first, followed by jakes from all over the city and from adjoining cities like Somerville. As the fire climbed to six-alarms, Georges said he was worried it might spread.

He was also concerned about the cold and icy conditions for the firefighters.

“I’m really grateful it didn’t spread,” he said. “They did a great job under tough circumstances. I couldn’t believe what they were up against with the cold and ice. I think it can be very, very dangerous with the ice due to slips and falls. You don’t think about that. They’re quick response and effort throughout, from Commissioner Finn to every EMT on scene was tremendous. I can only thank them.”

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