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Remember that old movie called, “Cotton Comes to Harlem” back in that late 60s. A great comedy it was indeed. Was thinking about that old flick when I saw the announcement about the upcoming Gala Dinner Dance-Reunion for St. Leonard’s Church in the North End. The time is being held across the High Bridge in Charlestown at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Medford Street. Back in the old days, this reunion would have been held somewhere inside the North End and a Charlestown venue never would have happened, not in a million years. But that was then and this is now.

 Back in the day, when Charlestown and the North End were physically and pyschologically  separated from one another. As a Gaelic/ Garlic with one foot in each camp, I had Irish uncles and Sicilian uncles who used to tell stories about those infamous fights between kids from each side of the bridge. According to one of my Sicilian uncles, the North End ruled the bridge undefeated but au contraire said my Uncle Nealy from Charlestown. Somebody wasn’t being completely honest here. I think each sides just presented their best case scenario, right?

Soon that bridge is coming down and a new one built with no baggage attached to it. This bridge outlived all the combatants lying about who won or lost.

Now the bridge is down and both sides freely cross over to the other sides of it. Obviously, people have been freely crossing this bridge decades ago. My mother and father weren›t the only couple that navigated that bridge. There are plenty of Irish-Italian guys out there today in my age range born with a Charlestown-North, Irish and Italian lineage.


  I caught up with Damien Donovan who is gearing up for the opening of his new restaurant to be named “Monument.” It was Paolo›s but the new name Monument will prove to be a monumental restaurant. Best wishes from TOWNIE TIDBITS to Damien Donovan. Don’t forget it is still the same address 251 Main Street just outside of Thompson Square. The Town can’t have enough great restaurants and good dining.


When I saw Jimmy Carroll two weeks ago, he was looking great, fit as a horse. That was not the case not that long ago when he was going through some medical issues. Then he was looking like he was ready to jump into a casket up at Carr’s but now looks so healthy again.

His recovery was due to a number of things. The love of his family, the prayers of his friends and neighbors and most importantly his love in God.

Keep it up Jimmy, you’re one of the good guys we need in our daily lives. We travel this world together and never alone.


Don’t forget the upcoming VETERAN’S BANQUET quickly coming up on Thursday, November 3 AT 630 PM at the Knights and is sponsored by the Abraham Lincoln Post 11 GAR Post. If you’re a veteran or active military from Charlestown, share a meal with us. There is no charge for the dinner. It is on Post 11.

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