Letters to the Editor

Historic  treasure returned to Charlestown

Dear Editor,

I thought I might share a Historic Treasure that has been found and returned to the Bunker Hill Monument Grounds in Charlestown, MA on June 11, 2016

Massachusetts Chapter  Number 2 of the “Rolling Thunder” Motorcycle group from Provincetown, MA. found a Historical  Bronze Plaque with the inscription: “Don’t Fire Until you see the Whites of Their Eyes- Bunker Hill Monument” next to a dumpster in Provincetown, Ma. This Bronze Plaque had been stolen from the Bunker hill Monument Grounds more than 40 years ago.

They wanted to do the right thing, so a contingent of the Rolling Thunder returned it to the Bunker Hill Monument Grounds and the Boston National Historical Park Service in Charlestown.

On behalf  of the Bunker Hill Monument Association we want to thank them for this treasure being returned.

Marie Alves, Vice-President

Bunker Hill Monument Association

Thank you for Scholarship

Dear Editor:

To the Old Charlestown Schoolboys Association. I would like to Thank You for selecting me for one of the Schoolboy Scholarships. I would also like to Thank the Kelly family for their generous donation. It was an honor to receive the Patrick Kelly Scholarship. This Award will be put to good use as I continue my education at Stonehill College.

Christopher Page

Is there a right foot braking lobby and why should we care?

Dear Editor:

Yes there is and we should care because in the last 50 years it can be blamed for the deaths of 30,000 people, the life changing injuries to millions and the financial cost of billions and this is just in parking lots! Multiply a few times when you add in the roadways.

Who is in this lobby? Those in charge of driver legislation and training and most drivers of automatic transmission cars who have been indoctrinated to use only the right foot to operate both the gas pedal and the brake pedal, based on the scientific proof of, “my father and the driving instructor said it was the only way”.

 NHTSA has published data indicating that right foot pedal errors cause about 18,000 parking lot crashes each year. The lobby blames it on women and the old drivers. They refuse to even consider that right foot braking on automatic cars is too complicated for the average driver, regardless of age or gender, especially in a moment of panic.

Please for the sake of the pedestrians, cyclists and especially the children, ask those in charge to commit to a scientific study comparing right foot braking with the Left Foot Braking Method (leftfootbraking.org), or other safer Google like methods of braking. Trevor W. Frith B.S.M.E. P Eng. (R)

Trevor W. Frith is the webmaster of leftfootbraking .org and is calling on those in charge of driver legislation and training to commit to a scientific study comparing right foot braking on automatic transmission cars with the Left Foot Braking Method. Mr. Frith may be reached at [email protected]

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