‘Annie’ Delights Warren-Prescott Community

Some of the cast on stage from the Warren-Prescott School production of Annie.

Some of the cast on stage from the Warren-Prescott School production of Annie.

The sun certainly came out last weekend on the Warren Prescott School in it’s moving production of ‘Annie.’

It’s not often that one finds an elementary school production of a musical as moving and comical as the Warren Prescott School’s recent production of ‘Annie.’

Presented this past weekend, ‘Annie’ tells the story of a young orphan who dreams to be reunited with her birth parents. On her journey, she meets some interesting and unique characters and finally finds her family in an unlikely place. With a red-headed orphan to cheer for, a villain we love to hate, and a kooky pair of con artists, the show had something for everyone.

Directed by Warren Prescott’s music teacher, Olivia Thompson, the show was as close to a Broadway performance as ever seen in Charlestown, parents said. With some of the most well-known and beloved songs ever written for the stage, including “Tomorrow”, “Maybe” and “It’s a Hard Knock Life”, the audience couldn’t help but sing and clap along.

The show featured an adorable and feisty Hazel Collier as Annie.

Austin Sa wowed the audience as a poised Daddy Warbucks. Amina Aitnouri was a graceful Grace Farrell. Madison Chiappa kept everyone laughing as the tormented Miss Hannigan, surrounded by lead orphans (Francesca Baker, Carlee Lin, Nadine Johnson, Laurel Nyhan, Ofira Lam, Lena Kittredge, Isabel Russel) and ensemble orphans (Violet Collier, Lola Fasano, Gabby Kaluski, Ellie Keirnan, Sophie Landrum, Megan McGuinness, Tessa Reidy, Ashlyn Stillman, Sadie Telles, Sydney Walsh, Eleanor Williams). Ivan Belobokov and Stella Deluty dazzled as the evil couple Rooster Hannigan and Lily St. Regis. Francesca Baker wowed us as a rapturous Star to Be. Aidyn Reid was a dapper Drake. Colby Soutter played a commanding and memorable President Roosevelt. Katherine Lamanna’s Ickes had the audience in stitches.

Annie was welcomed by Warbuck’s elegant staff (Ryllie Burke, Toni Kennedy, Christine Maher, Elisa Marco-Odajima, Samantha Markey, Molly McGuinness, Alida Moses, Angelina Pereira, Destiny Prioleau, Anna Savage, Alexandra Tuite). And it was two paws up for the beloved dog Sandy (Tucker Herlihy). Strong performances were also achieved by: Nora Yandle (Apple Seller), Max Deluty (Dog Catcher, NBC Producer), Joseph Brienze (Dog Catcher), Dennis Satchek (Lt. Ward, Fred McCraken and Justice Brandeis), Cate McLaughlin (Mrs. Pugh, Perkins), Sasha Bornhorst (Mrs. Greer), Devon Herlihy (Cecille) Sara Rhouate (Annette), Johnny Price (Sound Effects Man), Frida Swallow (Bonnie Boylan), Taisha Andre (Connie Boylan), Maura Twomey (Ronnie Boylan), Nora (Howe), Marcus Burkes Nossiter (Morganthau), Gabriel Feinberg (Bert Healy), Hope Augusta (Ticket Taker), Catherine Jackson (New Yorker, Hoovervillite), Gianna Rodriguez (New Yorker), Kiley Stillman (New Yorker), and Edwin Duarte (Hoovervillite, FDR Staff).

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