Wynn Could be an Ally?

Charlestown and Mayor Martin Walsh have fought to the bitter end to stop Wynn Resorts from building in Everett. It seems that this battle is close to being over.

With all but one of Boston’s lawsuits thrown out of courts, Wynn is moving ahead with his project just recently having named Boston-based Suffolk Construction to build the resort.

There is talk that Wynn officials and City of Boston officials are meeting and ironing out their differences.

If a lucrative deal is about to be struck where Boston officials are going to accept Wynn, and Charlestown residents will be getting a lot more mitigation compared to the $200,000 that Casella is offering, then maybe we should add him to our fight to stop Casella.

Does anyone think Wynn wants trash trucks rumbling down the main streets near his casino when his patrons are leaving?  Wynn runs a first class operation that is reflected not only in the building, but also in the maintenance and operation of his facility.  A trash transfer station less than a mile away probably is not in his plans as a neighbor.

Maybe, we could add Steve Wynn to our fight to help stop this trash transfer station.  After all, we are just a very small part of Boston that voted against Mayor Walsh in the last election. We will need all the help and a little luck of the Irish that we can get if we are to succeed.

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