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Casella Waste Transfer Station

To the Editor:

I attended the community meeting tonight concerning the proposed waste transfer station by Casella Resource Solutions.  I did not speak as my comments would have been cumulative.  The impassioned, informed and relevant comments, supported by the entire audience of over 200 people, highlighted the negative impact of this proposal on the community’s health and environment.   The audience is to be congratulated for having done its homework.  It reminded me of the work many of us did years ago to stop an asphalt plant from locating in City Square thus paving the way for City Square Park and Paul Revere Park to be created (no pun intended!).  Casella should drop its plans and save its time and money that it most certainly will expend to fight this town.

It defies logic, although probably not the bottom line, to expand the present facility to include many more trucks carrying garbage on Charlestown streets.  In light of this community’s documented health issues, the present conditions in Sullivan Square, the planned improvements in Sullivan Square, the siting of the Wynn Casino just over the boundary line in Everett, new residential construction on Rutherford Avenue in the vicinity of this site, ongoing development of Assembly Row, the condition of the North Washington Street and Gilmore Bridges, among other concerns, it just seems enough is enough.  Added to this is Casella’s lack of involvement in and support of the Charlestown community over the years.  Their offer to now contribute $200,000.00 to community organizations and create ten jobs should be seen as the pittance it is and too little too late.

No one spoke in support of the proposal.  City Hall should pay attention to the community’s concerns.  It will be interesting to see what happens now but the community should organize and fight against this.

John L. Tobin

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