Wu Seeks Tranparency,Open Transportation Discussions

By Seth Daniel

If there’s anything that Council President Michelle Wu hopes that Charlestown residents get out of her year in the top City Council seat, it would be better informed of Council business.

Wu told the paper in an interview last week that her top priority is to make sure Charlestown residents and residents citywide know what’s going on at the City Council – whether with expanded online presence or with meetings in the neighborhood.

“For right now, my number one priority is more transparency,” said Wu. “So much of what we do our residents never know about…It’s very hard to find documents and information about what is happening at the Council. Locating our Council hearing scheduling and our calendar online isn’t easy. It’s very hard to track where items are and how long things have been there.”

It is certainly true as many in the public have often struggled to glean information from the City’s website, only finding biographies of the Council members and rarely able to look up agendas and public hearings – something that is a staple of most municipal websites in much smaller communities.

Ending that, she said, is priority number one as she sets up her new office.

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