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Some clarification is needed

Dear Editor:

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I want to provide some clarification to the story in last week’s Patriot Bridge (“Toxic soil clean-up at Wynn site set to begin next week, October 15, 2015).   My understanding is that Wynn spokesman, Chris Gordon, replied ”No” when someone at the Everett remediation meeting asked if the Boston lawsuits could stop this work.  It’s important to point out that the work that Mr. Gordon was referring to is the remediation work and his statement is correct, from what I understand.  In no way, however, should this statement be taken to mean all construction work.  As I have stated several times previously, there are still several hurdles that need to be overcome before real construction work can begin on the Wynn site.

There is one other point that may need clarification for those of us who attended the meeting last Wednesday in Charlestown regarding the Wynn remediation work.  The information provided at the meeting indicated that there would be 5-7 average truck trips a day.  I took that to mean, and I suspect others did as well, that those were one-way trips going through Sullivan Square.  As pointed out by Reporter Seth Daniel in his October 15 article, that number actually translates into 10-14 one-way trips.  The trucks have to both arrive at the Wynn site empty and then leave it fully loaded.

As the Wynn representatives stated at the meeting, for the most part, barring any major traffic tie-ups in Sullivan Square, all loaded trucks will be going through Sullivan Square on their way north to I-93.  However, empty trucks that will be arriving at the Everett site, whether for the first time or on a return trip, will be coming down from 93 or 95 north (from their “Billerica home” or from a landfill site out of state).  I have been told that they will hopefully – again barring any traffic tie-ups – NOT be traveling through Sullivan Square.  Instead they will most like reach the Everett site via Route 16, making a right-hand turn off Broadway into the site.

Lynne Levesque

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