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On my recent trip down to Texas, I found out they have an Engine 13 at the Downtown Austin firehouse. Most firefighters might cringe a bit if they were assigned to a company 13 but not Texans. One firefighter said everybody wants to be a part of Engine 13. One firefighter told me in Texas, the folk don’t believe in bad luck. He stated, “Down here in Texas we make our own luck.”

I look forward every summer stopping by the Trinity Street Firehouse better known as  “The Big House.” This time they gave me a great going away gift, a Lucky 13 tee shirt which I now proudly wear.

One thing I have noticed of late, the summer feeling seems to be fading. The days grow noticeably shorter and the temperatures sinking too. Thank God, I get my summer all in one vacation where the temps hover almost triple digits every day.

Hey, “Black Mass” is soon to be hitting movie theaters. I’m hoping I didn’t get cropped because I already told everyone to look for me in it. Even the firefighters down in Austin, Texas will be looking for me.

I remember back in 1976 when I lived across from Engine 50 on Winthrop Street, I was campaigning for George Wallace who I voted for in the presidential primary that year up on Green Street. I was 28 years old then. Today, I am no longer 28 not even close but I am still a very independent kind of Democrat. This year I’m loving Donald Trump having a field day with the political establishment. When Wis. Governor Scott Brown took two different positions on anchor babies and the 14th amendment in what seemed like a matter of days before taking the 5th amendment and shutting his mouth up, it was Trump who came out and plainly called Walker a pathetic little baby.

The Republican High Command can’t stand Trump but they more they whine and holler, the higher in the polls he goes. He recently took on Democrat Martin O’Malley too blasting him for apologizing for telling a crowd, “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.”Trump asked what did the former Maryland governor have to apologize? Don’t black, white and all lives matter?

When I was down in  Texas I felt like I was back in America again where patriotism still means something. Boston used to be like that once too. Back during the fight against forced busing, we had that feeling. We didn’t just give up, we fought back because we were Americans and proud of our liberty and proud of our Constitution too.

Even Texas liberals aren’t as bad as their counterparts up here the Cradle of Liberty. Maybe commonsense will return up in Boston, Lexington and Concord. Texans of all stripes still remember the Alamo and we need to remember Bunker Hill. By the way, I have started sporting a neat black cowboy hat. No, it didn’t come from that hatter making my nephew’s Billy Jack hat. I bought it in the Texas Panhandle back in 1982 at a shopping mall and off the rack.

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