We Are the Bunker Hillbillies……


On Saturday, April 25 from 5:30-8:00 p.m., St. John Episcopal Church will be hosting a gala at the old “Bank Building” at One Thompson Square. There will be historical presentations, guest speakers, refreshments and activities designed to “turn back the clock” on the Charlestown way of life. Also part of the festivities will be a performance by the Bunker Hillbillies. Established by Boys Club musical director Bob Mundstedt in 1939, the group appeared on programs such as Big Brother Bob Emery, Boomtown, Major Mudd, Bozo the Clown, Community Auditions, Jabberwocky and even entertained President Nixon at the White House playing classic tunes such as Roll Out the Barrel, Ma She’s Making Eyes at Me, She’s Too Fat Polka and, of course, the Bunker Hillbilly theme song.
For those who are not familiar with the group, you are in for a special treat. While former Bunker Hillbillies are estimated to number around 2,000, a “core group” of talented Hillbillies gather on occasion to rekindle Bob’s memory and belt out the familiar songs. After their performance at the “Bank Building,” the Bunker Hillbillies will mosey over to Old Sully’s (located at the end of Union St. past the Emmons/Horrigan/O’Neil Skating Rink) to continue playing through the evening. Steve “Dead Eye” Coyne, Jim “Prairie Fire” Honohan, “Jesse” James Sullivan, Jim “Sundown” Whealan, Sean “Rawhide” Whealan, Mike “Frontier” Raver, Kevin “Alfalfa” Kelly, Frank “Kicker” Kelly, Tom “Sparkplug” Getherall and others will be chomping at the bit to entertain “Townies” and anyone else who dares to show up and have a wonderful time. All former Bunker Hillbillies, of course, are welcome.CT1

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