Tony V May Have the Right Idea

 Recently, the Boston Globe did a great story on snow humor and right there on the front page of the Metro section was a full color photo of Tony V acting as a live space saver, sitting on a beach chair in his manly bathrobe, holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other. No one can take his spot unless they move his ^%# out of the space. Humor can’t melt the snow but it can sure melt the pain of it all.

  He even had a great quote that went, “I say we let it pile up and then just dig tunnels through the snow, a series of Habitrails so you never have t o go out and see the mayhem.” Another stand up comic from Dorchester said she won’t move to someplace warm becvause the snow doesn’t mean her any harm. Sounds like she has developed Stockholm Syndrome like Patty Hearst decades ago.

 I have been thinking more and more about Austin, Texas in the winter when it almost never snows and stays so pleasantly warm year round. I personally don’t care if the snow means me no harm, the harm has been done. Save your apologies f0or someone who gives a ^@$*.

 I am penning this piece on the last day of February, At  midnight I plan to give this month  a good boot the @$# out of town. I hear more snow may be coming as of this writing but I can’t deal with the reality of that at the moment.

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