Sal Giarratani Plays a G-Man in ‘Black Mass’ Film

Sal Giarratani is character even without the cameras rolling so it’s no wonder he landed a minor role in the upcoming Johnny Depp movie ‘Black Mass’ based on the life of Irish Mobster James “Whitey” Bulger.

Giarratani, a retired police officer, part-time teacher and columnist for the Charlestown Patriot Bridge, will appear in the film as both an FBI agent and South Boston anti-busing protester.

“About five years ago, I played the role of a “low level hood ‘ in a gangster comedy starring Danny Aiello called “Stiffs” but unfortunately I got stiffed as that movie never made it past DVD status,” said Giarratani of his first acting cameo. “Recently, I did another cast calling for the movie “Black Mass” and was picked to play the roles of both a FBI agent in the 1990s and a South Boston Irish anti-busing protester back in 1974.”

Giarratani said he had a blast pretending to be someone he wasn’t.

“I may like doing this more,” said Giarratani. “After all, in real life I was a cop for 27 years which is like being an actor. One day good cop, next day bad cop. One day your best friend, the next day not so. Living is like acting but the only difference in real life every action has a consequence, in acting, every action leads to a paycheck. And you never get into trouble because it’s all pretend.”

Giarratani said the funny thing in that during this movie he had to pretend it was 1974 during Boston’s busing era–a time Giarratani remembers well.

“Forty years ago, I was an anti-busing protester. Only difference, I was 40 years younger and all the cops on the set were fakes,” he said.

You can read Giarratani’s ‘Townie Tid Bits” each week on the editorial page.


Sal Giarratani in character as a 1990s FBI agent. Giarratani has landed two roles in the upcoming Johnny Depp movie ‘Black Mass’ based on the life of Irish Mobster James “Whitey” Bulger.

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