Letters to the Editor

Thank you Sal  LaMattina

Dear Editor:

The members of the Abraham Lincoln Post want to take this opportunity to thank our city of Boston district councilor Sal La Mattina for his generous donation of a new flag on June 14 to celebrate Flag Day at Memorial Hall. Also a special thanks to Judy Evers from Councilor La Matina’s office for her invaluable help coordinating the event, as always Judy is there for the people of Charlestown, your help is greatly appreciated.

Long may it wave, God bless America

Danny O’Neil

On the casino

Dear Mr. Mayor:

Residents of Charlestown were informed on Thursday, June 19th Patriot/Bridge publication that your administration is negotiating a Surrounding Communities Agreement with Wynn Massachusetts.  Many of us had suspected as much based on presentations to the community by Robert DeSalvio.

We recognize and thank you for your host community effort. We are, however, frustrated by the fact that your administration has not come to the community to share and ask for feedback on design modifications to our streets in order to accommodate the Wynn Resort Casino traffic impact.  We cannot accept a process that cuts the wider Charlestown community out of such critical discussions affecting our safety, access and quality of life.

Since the middle 90’s, residents here have worked hard to improve our regional roadways, culminating in Mayor Menino’s approval of a extraordinary Redesign in March last year. That Redesign had huge community support, although as Congressman Capuano pointed out nothing is ever 100%.

Now, your administration is reconsidering that Redesign without any opportunity for community review and feedback.  We urge you to come to Charlestown and present the design options being negotiated.  Charlestown is looking for a fair chance to participate in planning for its future.


Evelyn Addante

Nicholas Kraman

William Lamb

Jennifer Rossi

Annette Tecce

Ivey St John

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