Not for Nothin’

February 7, 2014

Legal Seafoods update

Officials from Legal Seafoods announced at the Charlestown Neighborhood Council monthly meeting on Tuesday night that the  popular restaurant may have their official opening in late spring or early summer if all goes well with city licenses and repairs to the space.

On Wynn Casino plan

The meeting on Tuesday night by Wynn officials on their proposed casino in Everett did very little to soothe the concerns of local residents.  Added traffic on Rutherford Avenue and Sullivan Square that is already a major problem was the bone of contention for many residents.  One resident was heard saying, “This whole project is backwards.  In Massachusetts, we look at what infrastructure is available before we build a project. The Wynn developers seem to say, we will build the project first then worry about the infrastructure later.”

  • DMP

    I hope Legal Seafoods doesn’t open a restaurant in Charlestown. It’s a decent chain, but the Boston area is saturated with its restaurants. Charlestown deserves a restaurant with much more character than Legal.

    • mplo

      The last time I ate at Legal Seafoods, it was clear that the place had really taken a nosedive, meaning that the food, the service and the atmosphere alike, had really, really gone downhill. I haven’t been back there since. I’m admittedly not a Charlestown resident, but if I were, I’d go along with the naysayers in not wanting a Legal seafoods to come there.