Charlestown Boys Capture 2013 Commissioners Cup

On a blistering hot weekend at the Joyce Middle School fields in Woburn the Charlestown Boys Under 14 soccer team emerged triumphant in the Middlesex Youth Soccer League Commissioners Cup.  It was a fitting end to an outstanding year in which they were undefeated in all but one of their 18 games, scored 127 goals, finishing in first place in their division.

With temperatures soaring into the nineties, the boys took on Wilmington on Saturday afternoon.  Under the hot sun, goals by Jack Evans and Mark Williamson assured Charlestown of the critically important first win.  A tie between their rivals Somerville and Waltham resulted in Charlestown seizing the first place spot.

On day two, the boys faced arch-rivals and wild card winners Somerville, who finished second in the division. With the unbearably high temperatures challenging the boys and a loss of control of the midfield and the game, Somerville delivered a devastating 5-0 win.

With spirits lows, the boys took on Waltham, for the final game.  In an impressive display of character and strength, the boys fought a nail biting battle to take the game 4-3. A tie between Somerville and Wilmington assured the boys of the trophy.

For several of the players, who are ageing out of Charlestown soccer, the tournament victory was especially poignant because the Commissioner Cup matches are the last they will play for the team.  The victory in Woburn was a perfect ending to their CYSA careers.

Congratulations to Coach Nigel Keenan, Coach Lonnie Murray and players  Luke Von Hunnius, Manny Aybar, Aidan Kelly, Vlad Satchek, Denilson Goncalves, Jake Rait, Alistair Matule, Danny Murray, Mark Williamson, Liam Kennedy, Owen Locke, Jack Evans, Elias Sahile, Slater Godfrey, Devin Gallagher, Christian Escobar and Sam Lowery for a great season, thrilling performances on the field and for bringing home Charlestown Soccer’s  third Commissioners Cup championship.

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