City Releases Names on Advisory Committee

Mayor Thomas Menino’s office released the names of the Advisory Committee, on Wednesday morning, following a discussion at the Charlestown Neighborhood Council on Tuesday night.

The following is the statement from the Mayor’s office:

“The City created an Advisory Group to ensure broad community input during the Sullivan Square Land Disposition Study and the Rutherford Avenue Planning Study.  The City expects an 18 month process that consists of monthly meetings which are open to the public and attended by the Advisory Group.   The Advisory Group includes members who live in different parts of Charlestown and/or represent a variety of interests important to the community.  A variety of City Hall departments collaborated to identify individuals to serve on the Advisory Committee, which remains in formation.”

Tom Cunha CNC
Amanda Reinfeld CNC
Mark Rosenshein CNC
Bill Bush Schraftt’s
Monica Lamboy Bike Boston
Ivey St. John Multiple Groups
Patty Kelley Adjacent Resident
Ken Stone City Square
Nicholas Kraman Rutherford Coalition
Bill Lamb Preservation Soc.
Lois Siegelman Friends of the Navy Yard
Abby Gray Chamber of Commerce
Sean O’Brien Teamsters Local 25
Liz Levin Walk Boston
Diane Grant Chamber of Commerce
Evelyn Addante Gardens for Charlestown
Mike Charbonnier Charlestown Against Drugs
Karen Burns Adjacent Resident
Kelly Tucker Mishawum
Doug MacDonald Multiple Groups 



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