The Cold Temperatures

We were spoiled after last week’s balmy temperatures.  We agree that the Blizzard of 2013 was not much fun especially if you had to do the snow shoveling, but the temperatures last week were enjoyable.  But Sunday and Monday came and back into the deep freeze we went.

Of course for many of us, the solution was very easy, namely to turn up the thermostat.

However, for too many of our citizens in this country, that is not an option.  We hear stories of people living in their bathroom with a space heater because their oil tank has gone empty and the voucher for fuel has not arrived in time.

We hear from our officials that many of these assistance programs have been level funded.  While this is true, these same officials do not further mention that they have been level funded for years while oil has just been getting more expensive in the same time period.

Now, we hear about a possible fiscal cliff coming again on March 1 for a myraid of programs to be cut,  if our elected officials do not approve new spending limits .

As the ultimate deciders of who our elected officials are, we urge our readers to call these officials and let them know that the job they are doing in Washington or in the State House is not acceptable.  Quite frankly we are tired of their excuses and blaming others.

As we reflect on the state of our nation, where many children will not achieve the same standard of living as their parents, we reflect on the words of Robert Kennedy who said almost 50 years ago, “let the greatness of a nation be judged not by the wealth it amasses but how it cares for its disadvataged.”

One has to wonder, what is going on and where did we go wrong?

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