Police Briefs 12-20-2012


12/10/12 – A victim reported that unknown person(s) on Medford Street cut down four trees – two at the baseball field and two behind the tennis dome. Some type of hatchet appears to have been used.

Assault with a Dangerous Weapon – Gun

12/12/12 – A victim reported at about 7 p.m. while he was walking on Medford Street near Polk Street, a Hispanic male approached him and asked him who he was. The suspect then pointed a handgun at the victim, at which time the victim ran home. Officers searched the area to no avail. The victim is reluctant to discuss the matter with police.

Robbery – Firearm – Street

12/15/12 – A delivery person for Papa Gino’s stated as he approached the doorway of 50 Walford Way to make a delivery, two black males pulled him into the hallway. One suspect brandished a handgun while the second removed money from the victim’s pocket. Both suspects then fled the area. The matter is under investigation.

Investigate Person

12/16/12 – A victim told police he observed a white male walking down the street, checking car doors. When the victim went outside to investigate, he observed the suspect sitting in his vehicle. The victim was able to detain the suspect until police arrived. The suspect was  taken into custody.


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