Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition Gets $625,000 Grant for Youth Programs

Substance abuse will hopefully take a major hit as a result of the good work that will flow from a five-year $625,000 grant for substance abuse prevention programs targeting youths that has been awarded to the Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition.

The CSAC Coalition is best-known in Charlestown as advocates using existing resources to organize programs to identify the community’s needs in order to reduce substance abuse.

Beth Rosenshein, director of the CSAC said in a statement: “The Drug-Free Communities Support Program recognizes the potential of CSAC to mobilize and organize our community through our adolescent-to-adult programs to prevent substance use and abuse.”

The programs are manifold and include but are not restricted to school based prevention curriculum, talking with teens programs and a program called Prescription Take Back Days.

“This federal grant will help the Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition continue its great work in the community raising awareness about the dangers of substance abuse,” Congressman Michael Capuano said.

“Young people need all the help we can give them to remain drug free and ready to go at school and in their communities and the workplace,” said Congressman Michael Capuano.

The coalition will receive $125,000 each year from the grant. It is also supported by the Mass General Center for Community Health Improvement.

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