Charlestown Bust Nets Police Drugs, Guns, Cash

Boston Police carried out  series of well timed raids last week in the Bunker Hill Housing Development here which netted drugs, guns and cash.

Police arrested a total of 20 persons, all of whom were arraigned last week in Charlestown District Court.

Police reported they seized large amounts of heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana and cash, as well as three guns.

Boston Police called the effort Operation Tourniquet and the raids apparently followed a year-and-a-half undercover investigation by Boston police. The Suffolk County Gang Unit also aided and there are reports that the FBI had a hand in this investigation.

Police Commissioner Edward Davis said the busts in Charlestown last week were in response to gang violence in the area – and it is believed there is a heavy gang presence inside the development.

The gang known as the Charlestown Bloods was apparently targeted by the police.

The raids took place very early in the morning last Tuesday.

Three of those arrested included one man wanted for murder in the Dominican Republic and two other men allegedly well known to police in the drug trade.

As a result of this police action, the Boston Housing Authority has started eviction proceedings in order to rid the development of 12 people who were arrested in connection with the raid.

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