Father Mahoney Resigns Chair of Life Focus Center; Millerick Refuses to Resign

The Reverend Daniel Mahoney resigned from the Life Focus Center Tuesday following a request to the Board of Directors that they ask for LFC Director Jack Millerick’s resignation.

When the LFC board refused to vote Millerick out of his job, Father Mahoney decided to step down.

In his letter of resignation, Father Mahoney wrote that he had lost all confidence and trust in Millerick as a leader and had been embarrassed by revelations made by State Auditor Suzanne Bump and the State Department of Developmental Services that it had significant concerns about Millerick’s use of the LFC credit card.

Those concerns came as a result of the findings of a state audit of the LFC by Auditor Bump.

Father Mahoney said Bump’s people got it right in their audit That audit revealed, among other allegations, that Millerick had used the LFC credit card to buy restaurant meals, liquor, and for expenses on a Disney World vacation.

Since that audit was released three weeks ago, the LFC has allegedly made changes in their accounting systems in order to be in full compliance with state and federal government rules and regulations.

In fact, the LFC is apparently prepared to pay back the $130,000 allegedly mis-spent with the non-profit agency’s credit card.

DDS Commissioner Elin Howe rejected that offer and instead urged the LFC to open its books so the state can conduct a five-year review of credit card spending.

She also said she would like executive compensation and staff roles to be examined as well.

The LFC board recently suspended Millerick’s $30,000 raise, which brought the total of his salary compensation to $200,000, according to Karen Anderson, the LFC’s acting chair.

“There is now only one LFC credit card and it is held in the purchasing office and used only by the accounting staff,” said Justine Griffin, of the Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications Company.

However, Rev. Mahoney’s resignation and his request that Millerick should resign are clear signs that the state auditor’s report and the answer to it prepared by Senior Audit Manager Alan Sowinski, have not put an end to the controversy surrounding the LFC.

Investigators continuing to look into the finances and the relationships developed since 1978 will find that the LFC has an interest in the Zelma Lacey House.

Those familiar with LFC’s internal finances claim the non-profit is operating at a $20,000 a month loss. In addition, there is consternation that DDS will not approve funding for the LFC as long as Millerick remains its head.

Without DDS funding, the LFC will be forced to close and what’s worse, its residents, many of whom have no family or support, will be resettled in state facilities throughout Greater Boston.

“I always believed the LFC was doing the right thing for the residents. I was proud to be a part of that,” said Father Mahoney.

“In spite of all of this, it is my fervent hope that the LFC remains open and that its residents continue to receive great care,” he added.

Father Mahoney said the entire affair was all about misery.

“I’m crushed by this. Absolutely crushed. I’m embarrassed. This mess never should have happened,” he said.

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