Police Briefs 04-05-2012


03/26/12 – As a result of an ongoing drug investigation in the area of Austin Street, an individual was placed under arrest for possession of a Class D substance with intent to distribute.

Possession of Alcohol

03/27/12 – As a result of an incident on Medford Street, school police officers placed two individuals under arrest for being minors in possession of alcohol.

Warrant Arrest

03/28/12 – Officers on Main Street placed an individual under arrest for an outstanding Salem Court warrant charging possession of a class d substance with intent to distribute.

Breaking and Entering– Residence – Force

03/29/12 – A victim on High Street reported sometime between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., unknown person(s) entered his home by breaking the rear door lock and frame. A computer, i-Pad and various pieces of silver were taken from the home.


03/30/12 – A taxi driver reported a fare he dropped of on Park Street at 1 a.m. refused to pay. The incident resulted in a physical confrontation, during which the victim was punched repeatedly and had his wallet taken. Officers were able to locate the suspect, who was placed under arrest and will be charged accordingly.

Assault and Battery

03/31/12 – Officers responded to a radio call for an assault and battery on Austin Street. The victim stated to officers she was involved in an argument with two females that turned into a physical confrontation, during which she was choked. The suspects then fled the area. Officers were able to locate the suspects on High Street. Both suspects will be summonsed to Charlestown Court to face assault and battery charges. The incident was also captured on a store video.

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