Stolen Car Tanked on Terminal Street

In the old days when the city’s mafia wars were being waged, Charlestown’s backwater hideaway Terminal Street was the place where Boston Italian mafia hit men attached cement shoes to those they had done away with and dumped them into the water on Terminal Street. The competing Irish mafia hit men used chains and weights – so law enforcement officials could always tell the difference between competing mafia style executions.

Tuesday morning, Terminal Street was the scene of a stolen car from Stoneham being run into the water.

According to the Boston Fire Department, who responded to the scene 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, a car could be seen resting near to the shore at 50 Terminal Street.

Fire department officials said the car must have come down the ramp and may have floated a few feet from shore overnight.

A Fire Department dive team searched the submerged vehicle which was found to be empty.

The late model white Nissan Altima was pulled from the water by a cross country style tow truck.

The Massachusetts Port Authority Fire Department also responded to the scene and does so as a matter of protocol for every water related incident in its primary responsibility areas.

Stoneham Police apparently received a report of a stolen vehicle Tuesday morning. Stoneham Police said the vehicle had allegedly been stolen from 122 Main Street.

Police are investigating.

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