The Demise of Friendly’s

October 6, 2011

The Charlestown Friendly’s will be one of 63 being shut down by the company which has filed for bankruptcy.

This comes as very troubling news to many in this neighborhood, and to us, as Friendly’s has been a part of the local scene for decades.

It would be almost impossible to find a kid under the age of 15 in this neighborhood who did not eat at Friendly’s with their families or friends over the years.

And who among us of any age hasn’t availed themselves of an ice cream cone, a frappe or a Sunday at Friendly’s numerous times over the years?

However, the world is changing rapidly and places like Friendly’s are said to be out of date by business movers and shakers.

But Friendly’s has never been out of date for Charlestown.

It might be a bit out of step with the brave new world we are staring in the eye.

Some things never change and Friendly’s is a place just like that.

As far as we are concerned, Friendly’s doesn’t have to change.

What makes Friendly’s so unique and what all of us will miss is, frankly, the fact it was there and ready to serve up a cheeseburger with fries and chip pickles or an ice cream, a cup of coffee and some toast.

It was always there and it was always real.

Friendly’s never tries to be MacDonalds. It isn’t Wendy’s. And it certainly isn’t Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Friendly’s closure in Charlestown ends an era when families could still park themselves in a friendly place and be treated like real people by waitresses who came to know you.

Everything about our lives is changing.

Friendly’s closing down is all about that.

We regret its loss. It is a real loss for this neighborhood.

  • Matt Hauber

    The Charlestown Friendly’s closed because it didn’t make a profit. It didn’t make a profit because it was dirty, dated, constantly understaffed and hopelessly served inconsistent food. Change was sorely needed.

    The Charlestown Friendly’s didn’t need to change into something else, it needed to change into a well managed restaurant where customers were served quality food by an adequate staff.

    Matt Hauber

    • Toddyerd

      If you have any other thoughts on the Charlestown Friendly’s please let me know as I am writing an article on the closing and would appreciate your input. 
      Todd Mitchell

  • Matt Hauber

    Todd, only to say that when we moved here about 5 years ago we were somewhat excited to have a Friendly’s just steps away from our new home, but after giving it 4 or 5 try’s we were taken back by how chaotic the restaurant always was, habitually understaffed (dirty dishes still on 4-6 tables when we would walk in and still there when we would leave along then with ours) and how inconsistent the food was, sometimes OK at best and often just horrible, not at all what we had become used to at other Friendly’s over a long period of growing up in and living in the area.

    As such, we just stopped going there about 3-4 years ago and I frankly never gave it much thought  until I saw an editorial talking about it like it was a fine dining Mecca of sorts whose closure should be mourned. It could have been, maybe should have been that, but it just wasn’t. Sorry to say