The Neighborhood Loses One of its Great People

Charlestown and this neighborhood is more than the sum of its long history and its Federalist architecture.

Charlestown, above all, is about people.

Always has been. Always will be.

The death of Peter Looney takes from this neighborhood one of its significant people, who had a great effect at everything he did here – which was to help other people in their lives and their struggles.

Peter, above all, was a humble man, well spoken, quiet, loyal, and faithful.

He was wed to this place he was so proud to call his home.

Peter believed Charlestown was the greatest place on the planet earth.

He loved its people – good and bad – and he loved its traditions, its positives and even its negatives.

He understood the human predicament and many, many years ago he decided to help those incapable of helping themselves.

For the past 30 years he was a safe harbor and a glimmer of hope for those abusing alcohol and drugs – two of this neighborhood’s age old curses.

This is a neighborhood where generations of families have been destroyed by alcohol and drug abuse, which most often led to crime and violence.

The movies have recently glorified all this negative behavior. That’s Hollywood for you.

Peter knew that Charlestown isn’t about a Hollywood tale. He knew it is about real-time people with real-life problems and so he went about the task of helping others.

His death is a tremendous loss for those in need.

They have lost a powerful voice who had great influence at city hall and who knew how to get the city to act for this neighborhood.

Mainly, Charlestown has lost one of its favorite sons.

It is a great loss.

We offer our condolences to his family.

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