Replacing Jack Kelley

The mayor needs to find a solid replacement for his man in the neighborhood Jack Kelley, who is leaving his position to seek other opportunities in his life.

As the mayor’s man in Charlestown – that is, as the mayor’s representative in Charlestown – he does as the mayor wishes.

This means his replacement will be a very busy person as the mayor tends to be an extremely busy person with many things he cares about going on here being watched over closely by Kelley.

Kelley’s going means a job opening for a special person in Charlestown.

We know the mayor is now busy putting the word out for a proper replacement for Kelley.

For someone from Charlestown who loves to work and who understands how Boston City Hall does its thing in Charlestown, this is a perfect fit.

We know Jack Kelley well. We know his family.

This is a kid who has come a long, long way to educate himself, to do the right thing and most importantly, to do for others.

We wish the best to Jack Kelley.

We know that wherever he goes next or whatever he tries to do will be an effort done with all his heart and soul.

He’s that kind of kid.

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