The Easter Holiday a Time for Reflection and Joy

Just about everything has changed in our lives during the past few decades.

Nothing is the way it used to be anymore.

Easter, however, remains the year’s most hopeful holiday for Christians everywhere, bringing together family and friends for a great Easter dinner and the children for the search for eggs.

Easter in Charlestown, as always, will feature the traditional Easter Sunday Mass, with young people and their parents all decked out in their Easter finery and then the families gathering together for the traditional Easter meal.

Again, this is all about tradition, neighborhood, family and what brings Americans together.

The weather is always a question mark in New England for Easter – and so it will be this year with the cold lingering a bit longer than we’d like.

The cold isn’t the only thing we must fight at Easter.

We must fight against the pervasive news cycle always seeking to heap upon us the worst news possible about the economy the world and our world.

Sweep thoughts about that away on Easter.

Easter Sunday remains a day for church and thoughtfulness, for redemption and hope.

We wish all our readers and their family members a happy Easter.

Let Easter this year be the beginning of much better things to come in all our lives.

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