Be Prepared and Enjoy

With spring now in its full bloom, finally, residents need to prepare themselves for the full blossom of the tourism season that is nearly upon us. Hundreds of thousands of tourists will come into this neighborhood in the next four months, transforming Monument Square, the Training Field, the USS Constitution complex and our ancient burial grounds from quiet eternal types of places into heavily visited tourism sites.

Tourism here has risen in one way or another for decades.

This year will be no different than last.

Recession or no recession, the hoards are about to descend.

What does it mean?

Longtime residents will avoid the Monument, the Constitution and the burial sites.

After all, they have lives to lead.

The newcomers not used to Charlestown after the fashion of the old-timers will take the crowds in stride – and they will tend to enjoy the crowds as they moved to Charlestown because of its vitality as a neighborhood.

The tourism is good.

It brings money and local spending and local shops and restaurants are greatly benefited by it.

Never has the neighborhood been better prepared to meet the task of being host to so many tourists than this year.

There is a better mix of shops, place to eat, places to visit, people to see and things to do than in years past.

Ironically, the State Legislature has killed Bunker Hill Day as an official holiday – which is akin to Concord Selectmen killing the anniversary of the start of the Revolutionary (The Battle of Concord and Lexington) War in that town.

Despite the Suffolk County Holiday being altered for public employees, there will be a wonderful and compelling Bunker Hill Day this year as in other years.

On that day, this town will be mobbed and the parade will be held as usual and frankly, any public employees reporting for work that day who are from Charlestown ought to have their heads examined.

The crowds are ready to hit us.

We are ready to meet the demand.

Everyone in their own way will get through this annual battle.

Such is the story of living in one of the most historic places in America – and loving it.

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