The Olive’s Rehabilitation, Costly, Time Consuming

Olive’s has been and will always be a Charlestown institution of the modern era of this neighborhood.

The first day Todd English opened the doors to Olive’s 25 years ago everyone who eats out at finer restaurants took notice.

Unlike many restaurants who open with rave reviews, run a few years and then decline, Olive’s has consistently maintained quality and fine presentation with a special flair abundant at all times in the restaurant.

Todd English, it is agreed, knows what he is doing when it comes to a finer eatery.

There has been great disappointment since last May when Olive’s suffered a fire and the place was closed.

It has been closed since that time and it is expected to be closed through the summer.

English appeared before the Licensing Board which wanted to know why Olive’s has been closed for so long and whether or not English was going to reopen and when.

The Licensing Board wasn’t so interested in English as in the liquor license has gone unused for so long and the time is coming for it to be used or to be given up or sold to someone else who is going to use.

The Licensing Board has that power – and English is well aware of it.

Now it is up to the Licensing Board to approve English’s request to be given added time to re-do the popular and well-known restaurant.

According to the Licensing Board, that decision is due on Thursday.

We urge the Licensing Board to give English more time.

It will be far better for the neighborhood to have him up and running in the fall than the space empty and up for rent.

English is into Olive’s for big, big money.

It is also believed he is having a dispute with his insurance company.

That dispute would be about money – money English believes he is owed under the terms of the policy he paid for and money which the insurance company does not easily wish to part with by handing it to him.

Those of us who have been through such a scenario appreciate how ruinous it can be on one’s finances when the insurance company is holding out when you need your money in your hand to make the repairs.

We urge English and his insurers to settle and to move on.

Everything else, really, is a waste.

In the meantime, Olive’s remains closed.

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