More Ice and Snow and Now Pot-holes

It has been quite some time according to old-timers since ice and snow falling from rooftops have destroyed automobiles in this neighborhood.

A number of automobiles were actually destroyed in the neighborhood earlier this week with the warmer temperature which caused melting and then the snow falling from roof tops way up high and boom – just like that – a wrecked car ruined by tons of falling snow.

The roof top situations have mostly been rectified.

Either the snow has already fallen from the rooftops that were bulging with it or it has been physically removed.

So your automobiles are safe.

But they are not safe if you’re driving them in the underpass that leads onto Rutherford Avenue.

Some of the potholes created by the snow and ice and tons of salt spread onto the roadway – and the traffic – could eat an automobile.

The city is supposed to be getting to this almost as we write but it will take a bit longer as everything remains so water soaked and salt soaked and just mushed up in general that repairing the holes is made that much harder.

Not until the full blossom of spring will the holes and our streets and highways be repaired properly.

Until then, watch out for giant holes that have a tendency to flatten your tires and to ruin your suspension.

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