In and out

Mayor Menino has been in and out of the hospital recently, following his return from Italy with an infection and then a reaction to medications that were prescribed to him.

His recovery has become more of a problem than his affliction.

At least now he is out of the hospital and working at his home, doing what he loves to do while recovering.

Despite the best efforts of the Herald to make him out a sick man, we know he is well and he looked well and was smiling broadly and walking firmly when he got home the other day.

Mayor Menino has been a good friend to Charlestown over the years.

His interest in this neighborhood’s well being goes way beyond that of those who came before him.

At the onset of Christmas, those of us who know him and who respect him, who take pride in this neighborhood and who understand how much is owed to the mayor for his interest in Charlestown, want to wish him good health.

Nothing is more important to all of us than our health, and maybe perhaps our bank accounts but without the good health, nothing else really matters very much.

We hope the mayor’s recovery is full and complete and that he, too, can enjoy the upcoming holiday to its fullest.

Our best wishes to the mayor.

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